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Dear Parents,


I am excited to share results from our fist Star Learning Tournament!   We had only 11 entries and competed with all the top middle schools including Lanier, Olle.  A special thanks to Grace, Natalie Pang’s mom, for assisting with Prepd issues. 


I am very proud of Vishnu Indukiri for working hard and jumping into Extemp, Impromptu, and T.V. Commerial.  Kudos to our 2 new PF teams for winning at least 1 round at their first tournament –

Sheera Wang - Shawn Chin and Srivishnu Jeganbabu & Pratyush Jay!  We really made a name for ourselves!   Way to go,  Star Team!    

Alief Hasting Middle School Tournament Champions

February 4, 2017

1st Place in PF Debate

Natalie Pang - 6th & Vivienne Luu - 6th


3rd Place in Novice Prose

Natalie Pang - 6th


4th place in Extemporaneous Speaking

Jason Shan - 6th


4th Place in Original Oratory

Christopher Lee - 6th


6th Place in Humorous Speaking

Eric Shan - 5th


6th Place Sweepstakes

Star Learning with only 11 students!


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