Success Stories


Elise Z.

Elise joined KSDA in the fall semester of 7th grade. She was enrolled in both speech and debate classes and quickly excelled and took top places at national level tournaments. Elise's dad said, "I have seen significant passion and growth since Elise joined your academy in January!" Elise finds KSDA coaches to be excellent, passionate and encouraging in aiding Elise to reach her goals. Mrs. Luu recognized Elise's talent in art and asked her to head the publications team. The coaching team were all instrumental in helping her become quickly competitive as well as ease her nerves and guiding her to become a better speaker. In just one year, she has learned PF, Congress, Prose, Poetry, Informative, Declamation, Extemp, and Impromptu.


  • 5th place in Oral Interpretation at the 2021 Middle School Tournament of Champions (TOC) at UK

  • 3rd place in Oral Interpretation and 3rd place in Declamation at 2021 Pre-nationals Middle School Tournament

Ryder Tang_KSDA Photo.jpg

Ryder T.

Ryder join KSDA in 5th grade and graduated in 8th grade. After earning multiple awards at national and state level tournaments, he was accepted into Kinkaid in 2021 for high school. He plans to continue to pursue his passion in Public Forum. Ryder also excels in Extemp, Impromptu, Oratory and Congress. He also participated in the critical reading and writing program and found it very helpful in improving his critical thinking skills for debate as well as reading and writing. Ryder is also talented in writing and art. Ryder has always been an enthusiastic student and enjoyed and participated in the in-class topic lectures. His enthusiastic and charismatic nature will help him teach as he becomes one of KSDA's coaches.



Jaylon M

Jaylon joined KSDA in fall of 5th grade and graduated in 8th grade. Throughout his learning experience at KSDA, he always came into class with an eager-to-learn personality and worked well with classmates. He excelled quickly and developed a passion for extemp and PF. His peers voted him the best extemper Spring of 2021. He consistently takes top places at national level tournaments. Jaylon's mom feels that KSDA has done a great job at instilling a passion for speech and debate in him. Jaylon will continue to pursue his passion for speech and debate at Tompkins High School.



Ethan L.

"From the very first class I took, KSDA immediately gave me key information for boosting confidence, and controlling the room when speaking in any event. In my two years taking speech and debate classes, I not only experienced elevated training from some of the best debaters in the area, but also saw the results manifest throughout every student, as everyone consistently earned awards and won tournaments. KSDA was not only pivotal in teaching me the basics of speaking and the technical aspects of debate, it also built a team environment thats sustained growth even in high school. With the basis developed at KSDA, alongside the mentorships that allowed us to reach out for help at anytime, I was able to be the first freshman at my high school to qualify to the state and national tournament in Public Forum, as well as qualifying for the Tournament of Champions and being ranked top 25 in the country by the NDCA my sophomore year. "