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Olle Middle School Tournament

February 24, 2024

Yesterday, we competed at Olle Middle School with over 700 participates.  



Congratulations to Jason Wang (8th) and Vidit Potti (8th) 

for competing in their first tournament. Vidit advanced to Semifinals.  


Congratulations to Sean Nguyen (8th) advanced to semifinals in impromptu.  

Luke Zhang (5th grade) made semifinals in informative!  

Daniel, a one on one student, placed 3rd in junior prose and 3rd in poetry.

Jessica, another one on one student, placed 5th in oratory.


I am incredibly proud of all four students. They exhibited exceptional camaraderie as they supported each other throughout the tournament. Very proud of everyone for their stepping up with extra intensive training for the tournament. Also proud of everyone staying to watch Extemp finals. 


A big thank you to all the parents for their support. I had a such a wonderful time getting to parents :) 


Have a great week! 


- Ann 

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