Our Middle School Students


8th Grade

"Joining KSDA has truly been THE best decision I have ever made. Every student is always eager to offer constructive feedback and remains respectful towards one another, even in the midst of a heated debate. The coaches have introduced me to a field of possibilities and their passion for their respective events stuck with me. The curriculum’s diversity has allowed me to fully immerse myself in the different events in both debate and public speaking. Through this academy, I learned how to achieve excellence in a team setting and speak confidently about topics that interest me. Mrs. Luu has provided me with so many opportunities that allow me to apply my talents to help my community and has given me life-changing advice. Overall, KSDA has played a major role in transforming me into the confident and outspoken person I am today."


8th Grade

"Speech and debate has taught me how to be more confident in what I have to say and it has taught me to express myself in a professional way. It has also prepared me on answering difficult questions and thinking on the fly."

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8th Grade

"I find this class very helpful. I am an immigrant and I moved to the U.S. last year. I knew some English before I took the class but I couldn’t organize sentences well; I have trouble expressing my thoughts and constructing sentences in formal essays. After I took this class, my English skills increased gradually and I feel happy with it! I can now stand up and speak in front of others and am always encouraged to improve from my last speech. The students I met here are very outstanding and kind. They inspire me to persevere through my language barrier and help me do my best. My favorite part of the class is when I am working. Everyone works hard which inspires me to work hard as well, whether I want to or not. This encourages an environment where people build their writing and speaking skills. The coaches are professional and serious when giving advice but not harsh. They give critique, you receive it, and practice it again. And this is how you improve. I will take the class next year.


8th Grade

"Mrs. Luu is a great teacher. I really like the class' environment and coaches' enthusiasm and love for teaching. Through my 3 years in the program not only have my speech and debate skills improved, but my day to day conversations by allowing me to speak more fluently."

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7th Grade

"I enjoy the debate class because it provides a safe place for everyone to express their thoughts and opinions freely. All the coaches in the debate class are extremely helpful and often personalized critiques tailored to every student. Throughout my time in the debate class, I have improved greatly in my speaking skills and have become a more confident speaker. The debate class has also exposed us to discussion about our economy, world leaders, and foreign government. Not only do I enjoy debating, but I also play chess in my free time."


6th Grade

"I like speech for many reasons. One of them is the discussions we have. They really open my mind in thinking of good solutions for problems and how to help people. For example we once had a conversation about if rich would you were you pay a 20% income tax to help people in poverty. Another reason I like speech is prose pieces. I think it is important to see what is going on in other people's lives and it is interesting how they put it on paper describing what has happened. My third reason that I like s speech is that it gives me a chance to improve at writing things such as informatives and oratories and helping me improve my public speaking skills. Lastly, I live my speech because of the games we play. I think the games are a really nice way of improving my speaking skills in an interesting way."


6th Grade

"KSDA speech and debate classes improved my speaking skills, decreases my social anxiety and allowed me to make friends. In speech and debate, the teachers really won't judge you, even when you're wrong. Speech and debate classes are also really fun. In speech, we usually do drills and write speeches and other fun stuff. You get to talk about fun and interesting topics and you learn a lot! In debate, we usually debate against each other. Overall, speech and debate is a really fun class!"


6th Grade

"I really love KSDA because everyone is really nice and I’ve learned a lot in these classes like how to write a good speech and present a good speech. This has also helped in my school. Also, I think it is very fun because no one judges you and it’s really easy to make friends with people. Also, I have learned how to research efficiently and find trustworthy sources. When I’m not doing this, I like to play the piano."


6th Grade

"I enjoy going to KSDA because the class is interesting and fun. The class pushes me to try more and learn about new things. Even if i sometimes struggle to finish the homework but its worth it after all and sometimes we play games and stuff. And I will look forward to class next year :D"


6th Grade

"I like many things about debate, such as the good environment and speech building skills. But I also don't like having to speak in public, and having to spend hours at home doing homework. The good environment helps me feel welcome and helps me learn more about debates and how to speak my thoughts. Debate also helps my speech skills, helping me talk in public and improve my everyday speech. But I also don't like talking in public. It makes me nervous in case I mess up or embarrass myself in front of everyone. I also don't like the very time consuming homework because I never got used to it or have been able to manage my time efficiently. That is something I need to work on. These are the things I enjoy and don't enjoy about debate class. I enjoy it more than I don't, and I look forward to staying in this class and getting better at debating and speech in general."

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6th Grade

"This class helped me increase my confidence and speaking skills by a large margin. To look at it in detail, this class has improved my skills in categories like extemp, congress, and speaking in front of others. For example, I developed a bad habit of reading off of my pad word for word, but the speech class helped me erase this within a week by suggesting extemp. This may seem boring, but for me, it was a lot of fun to participate in my first extemp tournament and now I enjoy competing. Furthermore, the debate class helped me understand the "bigger picture" from political and economical standpoints. I know big terms like inflation and subsidies which I would not have understood if I did not take these classes. Overall these classes developed me in a positive standpoint."

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6th Grade

"I go to debate class. I like this class because the teachers are great and I learn a lot. The instructors are specifically chosen for their capabilities. When I first joined, I could barely stand up and speak, but now, I can make a speech and read clearly. We learn many things and the class is enjoyable."


6th Grade

"Debate class has helped me improve my english. It helps me construct better arguments and learn new vocabulary while being encouraged by my peers. It has also helped me become more confident while speaking to an audience. The teachers are not judgmental and create a welcoming environment for students."


6th Grade

"I like this class because it allows me to get used to talking to a group. Also, this class allows me to understand and get to know what other people are thinking. My superpower is the way I can make friends with people if I get to know them. I like to nap in my spare time and I like to eat chicken."


6th Grade

"What I personally enjoy in speech classes is how we learn what public speaking is like. We do projects that help us learn more about issues and news happening in the real world. We can passionately speak our minds and work together without worrying we're being judged by other students. Although I spend 2 hours in speech classes, those 2 hours consists of fun and work balanced out."


6th Grade

"Some reasons I enjoy speech class is that I learn a lot, I like the drills, and the food Mrs. Luu gives out sometimes. I can learn a lot in speech class because there is always good advice given out and that makes my work a lot better. I also enjoy the speech drills such as impromptu and the um game because they help me with my speech abilities. I also just enjoy the games and what we do in them. Finally, sometimes when we finish class we get some food or some candy. These always taste good and makes me more motivated to come to class the next day."


6th Grade

"I like this class because of the people here. Everyone is very kind to me. I made a lot of friends. I also like the teachers."

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