Katy Speech and Debate Academy is the best decision we ever made to have our kids participate as an extracurricular activity. The program has exposed them to different speaking skills such as impromptu, oratory, extemp, and debate. Our older son, Ryder later focused a lot on Public Forum debate, The KSDA program and well-picked tournaments teach our kids not only to research and prepare but to think on their feet, consider solutions to real-world problems, the significance of viewpoint diversity, and give them an awareness of real-world issues. Most importantly, the KSDA program leaves my kids with the power, confidence, and critical thinking skills to advocate for themselves – to argue for the things in which they believe. Mrs. Luu, the director of the KSDA Program, dedicates a lot of her time and effort to make sure every student is guided, challenged, encouraged to unleash their potential. We sincerely thank the KSDA program and would recommend it to all our friends and any family who are seeking a great speaking and debate program in the Houston / Katy Texas area.

- Rocky Tang, Father of Ryder Tang

KSDA program is a wonderful experience. The coaches are amazing, especially Audrey, she is very experienced yet friendly. I also made a lot of friends with extraordinary debate skills. Whether you are interested in extemporaneous speaking, oratory, or public forum debate, I highly recommend going to KSDA. It is by far the most enjoyable activity I participated during my middle school years, and the program teaches all types of debate and public speaking skills for many different aspects of everyday life and future career paths. Through the practice and tournaments, I learned a lot about debate and critical thinking skills covering all kinds of world-wide topics. The experience I gained at KSDA is one of the biggest reasons that I continuously chose to extend debate as my high school course selection. I am sure I will miss KSDA a lot.

- Ryder Tang, 8th grade graduate (4 year student) - Accepted to Kinkaid