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Our Elementary Students

Fall 2023 Students

Spring Break 2022 Students


Spring 2021 Students


Leo Y.
3rd Grade, Davidson Elementary

"The reason why I like public speaking is because I am learning many different interesting topics that have big impacts.  If I had never done public speaking I would have never known important news like Russia vs. Ukraine, dogs can sniff cancer, and much more. Public speaking helped me with my standing, speech, voice, communicating skills, and much more. I honestly never wanted to take public speaking. But when I tried it, I wished I had started in Pre-K. When I first started the class,  I never understood what was so important about it because I just thought it was a fun class with free candy. I learned that public speaking will help with my future job. I honestly think public speaking might be one of the best skills ever. It is literally a fun class that helps you with your future job."


Leona L.
4th Grade, Randolph Elementary

"I like this class because it helps me learn how to present speeches smoothly and relax. Before I  came to this class,  I had a hard time giving speeches.  But after I came here, my speeches became exciting and relaxed. I can prove that it helps me a lot because I had a stage fright, my legs always shivered when I had to give a speech, but now, I won’t shivered anymore. I can even have movement with my hands!  Also, I learned a lot of fun topics. For instance, we once had a topic about our favorite candy, it was amazing! We all described our favorite candy as the yummiest thing in the whole entire world! Plus, we would have fun activities to play."


Olivia Y.
4th Grade, Stanley Elementary

"I like this class because it helps be more social. It also helped me make new friends. I also like all the fun games and debates.  It helps me come up with good reasons.  The homework is interesting and I watch informative speech videos of good speakers. The class is fun and interesting and my classmates are nice. My favorite game is scattergories where you need to come up with words according to the topic. When we debate, we learn about the pros and cons of topics which helps me think about both sides."


Alexander O.
3rd Grade, Griffin Elementary

"I like public speaking because it has helped me overcome stage fear. When I was a younger kid I was always trembling with fear on stage. I learned cancer because I know that it gives people hope.  The class also helped me with debating.  before I made up lousy comments. Now I debate quite well.  I also love the games we play in class.  It would bring a smile on my face after school."


Brady C.
4th Grade, Private School

"Before I joined debate class with Mrs. Luu, I was frightened everytime I gave a speech and mostly mumbled everything out. I had no feelings of hope nor confidence, and I often never spoke up. Things started improving bit by bit, little by little, as I joined Mrs. Luu. Once in a while she’ll ask us to play a game to help us learn the “fun” way. Everytime we had an interesting debate, me and my classmates brainstormed ideas, thought of plans, and worked together. On top of all that, I have a really kind and supportive teacher, and many friends I’ve made."


Luke Z.
3rd Grade, Stanley Elementary

"My speech and debate class is extraordinary because of many reasons.  For example, we get to watch fun videos and do a reading log with Scholastic everyday for homework.  In the class, we get to play fun games and debates.  Sometimes we get to watch videos about how other people present their speeches and learn what good presentations are like..  In the class, give speeches and learn how to stand properly in front of an audience.  I especially like learning about the debates that could one day help me with a problem."


Nathan W.
5th Grade, Alexander Elementary

"This class helped me be more confident, outspoken, and a better writer. Having to write a reading log and speech every week has made me better at writing. Mrs. Luu always points out our mistakes and teaches us how to fix them. She always has great advice to give, and is a really good instructor and teacher."


Sreekari A.
3th Grade, Davidson Elementary

"I enjoy this class because it is awesome. First, Mrs. Luu has shown me to be more confident and passionate while I speak. Second, when we do debates, we all end up laughing . We get to do fun speeches. I’ve learned many things you should do and you should not do while speaking. When I first joined I was the worst. It was horrible and disastrous. Now I’m better at speech and debate. We got to research and write fun topics like large companies, poor countries, and robots. That is why this is one of my favorite classes, it helped me get over stage fright, open my thinking, and be more social."


Linda S.
4th Grade, Randolph Elementary

"I like speech because it helped me talk in front of people and not stammer too much when doing speeches. I also liked learning about how we are changing the environment. One time we talked about our carbon footprint and how we could decrease it. I also liked doing the reading logs because I learned a lot of interesting articles."


Isabella S.
4th Grade, Randolph Elementary

"I really like speech because it helps me improve my speaking. Before the speech class I was mostly shy and stammered, now I learned how to stand and speak properly. I also like it because we have really fun games and homework. We also had a very very awesome teacher. And these are the reasons I love speech."


Navya S.
4th Grade

"I am a KSDA student."


Arav S.
4th Grade, Kilpatrick Elelmentary

"Joining KSDA has been my best decision so far! It turned me from a bad writer and essay reader to a good speech teller and an essay writer. I also love this class because Mrs. Luu understands what I need to do better and she actually encourages people and motivates people to do better. I can’t think of anything to fix. This class is once again the best class of all times. I learn in the class how to talk better and stand correctly. This is once again the best class of all times."


Sarah R.
4th Grade, Wilson Elementary

"All of the classes I have been in have made me a little more confident of speaking in little and big crowds. This class helped me more to say stuff that happened in this world that I didn’t know. I have lots of fun learning stuff I didn’t know, like if aye aye lemurs existed or if they were the projectors of madagascar. I made lots of friends in this class. Mrs. Luu helps us understand our homework and I have fun doing my homework."

image0 (3).jpeg

4th Grade, Wilson Elementary

"I enjoy speech and debate because it helps me become more social with people and improves my public speaking skills. Another reason is the discussion questions to help me get ideas and help my brain. Lastly, I think it’s fun when you play games at the end. Overall, I think speech and debate can help with public speaking and is fun. We learned about China being a superpower. We have discussions and make presentations to help our public speaking skills."

image2 (3).jpeg

4th Grade, Wilson Elementary

"These classes are very helpful. There are several reasons why. One reason is that it helps me meet more people. Since there are many people in the class, I can get used to presenting my speeches in front of a lot of people.  Also these classes make me more organized so I have all my homework done. It not only helps me organize my time, but other things too. My vocabulary is improving too. These classes help me force myself to speak and in order to do that I need to be confident. These classes will really help me be a better speaker and writer. I’ve researched land pollution and how plastic bags are very bad for the earth. That really helped me learn that I should not pollute."

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