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Alief Elsik High School Tournament

9/15/2017 - 9/16/2017

Original Oratory

1st Place - Natalie Pang
2nd Place - Arjun Surya*
4th Place - Jason Shan
5th Place - Christopher Lee
Semi-Finalist - Aayush Agrawal*
Semi-Finalist - Ivan Nie*
Semi-Finalist - Shirman Thandra

Semi-Finalist - Aditri Baditela*
Semi-Finalist - Kannaa Chockalingam

Novice Prose

3rd Place - Aditri Baditela*
Semi - Kannaa Chockalingam*

Public Forum Debate

2nd Place - Vivienne Luu & Natalie Pang
Quarter Finalists - Christopher Lee & Jason Shan

Solo Improv

Extemperaneous Speaking

2nd Place - Natalie Pang
Finalist - Nihilesh Pari*

Humerous Interpretation

3rd Place - Justin Liang*
4th Place - Jason Shan

Finalist - Vishal Surya*

Senior Prose

4th Place - Jason Shan

Duet Improv

Semi-Finalist - Aadya Singh* & Aditri Baditela*
Semi-Finalist - Joshua George* & Arjun Surya*

Good Job Everyone!
*Our New Students - We are very proud of you!

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