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Alief Elsik High School Tournament

Dear Parents, Congratulations to all who participated in our first tournament of the semester!  All 11 participants had record breaking, phenomenal results!  Our middle schoolers competed alongside Seven Lakes High School and Tompkins High School students and other competitive high schools.   Not only did they have fun, they had a chance to network upperclassmen from other schools. 

Novice Extemp

Our team took TOP 4 our of 6 finalists!
Natalie Pang - 1st place
Ethan Liu - 3rd place
Arnav Mehta - 2nd place
Shriman T. - 4th place
Vivienne Luu - Semi-finals

Extemp is the most academic and difficult speech event and students continue to have impressive results! Chris Lee competed in Varsity Foreign Extemp and placed 3rd in his room!


Novice Original Oratory

Jason Shan 1st place
Natalie Pang - 2nd place
Jaylon Ma - 5th place
Vishal Surya - 7th place

Novice Congressional Debate

Loukya - 9th place
Jason Shan - 6th place

Varsity Lincoln Douglas

Varsity Public Forum Debate

Ethan Liu/Arnav M. - 8th
Shriman T./Nihilesh - 7th
Natalie Pang/Vivienne - placed 10th

With 2 newly formed PF teams and 1st time PF students, all 3 of our teams hung in with varsity competitors.

Impromptu Speaking

Jaylon Ma - 3rd place in finals
Vivienne Luu - semi-finals

Chriss Lee - 20th place in speaker points

Congratualtions to all our students for an outstanding performance and teamwork. We were also entertained by dance performance from our coaches dance award ceremony

Thank you to all the parents who supported!

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