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Katy Taylor High School
October 12, 2019
Extemporaneous Speaking

We had 13 students who participated (4 new)
Total tournament entries were 49.  Students were divided into 7 rooms with 7 students in each room

We had 11 students break to Semis! Congratulations… 

7th graders

Jason Zhang, Vishal Surya, Jaylon Ma, Mandy Huang, Ryder Tang, Charlie Yang

8th graders 

Parth Nikumbh, Shriman Thandra, Eric Shan, Nihilesh Pari, Arnav Mehta 

We CLOSED OUT Extemp. with 6 of our students in Finals!

Congratulations to Shriman, Arnav, Vishal, Nihilesh, Jaylon, and Mandy!

Public Forum

Out of 52 teams, all 5 of our teams broke with outstanding placings – 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th  

(after 3 prelim rounds).  

All 5 teams went 3-0 after prelims - including newly formed female team (Huang – Chen). 

Amazing job for first tournament!

Thandra-Mehta, Pari-Shan, Tang-Zhang, Huang-Chen, Nguyen-Surya

All teams competed in Octos and moved to Quaterfinals with Thandra-Mehta placing 2nd – Congratulations!  

All ten students placed in top half in speaker points and Arnav Mehta took 2nd place Speaker Award! 

Congressional Debate

We had 5 out of the 36 entries – Parth, Charlie, Jaylon (PF), Naresh (1st tournament),  

Brian Hu  (2nd tournament)

Congratulations to Charlie, Parth, Brian for breaking to Finals! 

Shout out to Naresh for attending first tournament and Jaylon for switching to Congress since PF partner couldn’t attend.


Congratulations to Brian Hu for making Finals! 

Special Thanks...

o Vishal's mom for monitoring our table

Arnav's mom and sister for judging!

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