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Hello Parents,


I am ecstatic to share our first tournament of 2019 success! Congratulations to our group of 7 advanced students who attended Mayde Creek High School Tournament this weekend!  WOW!    



A big thank you to our team of amazing coaches who work hard to help the students prep every week and Coach Audrey for staying at the tournament to support and assist the kids. 


A special thanks to Arnav’s mom, Sheetal, and Natalie’s mom, Grace, for helping man our table.  Also Ehan’s parents presence for support. 


I look forward to seeing students in class today!


Ann Luu

Mayde Creek High School Tournament Champions

We had three PF Teams competing in Novice PF and they all took 1st, 2nd , and 3rd Place.  We swept house and beat all the teams from Seven Lakes High , Memorial High and many other competitive high school teams!   

Our teams – Ethan Liu 8th/ Arnav Mehta-7th   -    Jason Shan 8th/Nihilesh Pari 7th   - Natalie Pang 8th / Vivienne Luu 7th

I was proud to see the kids work together to pull all 3 teams to victory.   And when there were only 2 small trophies for all the six kids due to tournament mishap, the individuals exemplified gracious by offering them to other team mates.   


The same students competed in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking among 90 other competitors.   All students broke out of their rooms with the exception of Nihilesh (1 place from breaking) as he had very tough competitors in his room.  

Congratulations to Natalie, Arnav, and Vivienne who moved on to finals!  They place 4th, 6th, and 7th respectively!   


Loukya Kotla 8th and Jason competed in Varsity Original Oratory.   Congratulations to Jason for breaking to Semi Finals. 


Kudos to Loukya who took on the challenge of competing in Congress at the high school level!  


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