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Dear Parents,


I am extremely proud of our results from State.   All participants did an amazing job! 

Our 6th and 7th graders will definitely fill the shoes our 8th graders.   Please give your child special hugs for working so hard and making us all proud. 


Thank you parents for your continued support.   Thank you for trusting me with your children.   It is my pleasure to work with such intelligent, talented, and sweet students.


Ann Luu

2019 State Tournament Champions

Congratulations to Jason Zhang, Jaylon, and Ivan (all 6th graders) for breaking to Semis in Extemp.   Again, this is the hardest and most academic we focus on KSDA and all four competitors were outstanding – with Jason Shan (8th)  as the State Champion!   Jason also placed 2nd in Impromptu! And broke to semis in other events.  I am confident many of our 6th & 7th graders will become Champion extempers!   Some were competing in debate and others could not make it.


Jason Zhang also made semis in Oratory!  Congratulations to Charlie for attending State as his first tournament and taking on 3 events successfully.   Ning also did well by trying new events at State.


For Congress, Congrats to Stewart (6th) and Esther (6th) for both continuing to improve as 6th graders.   Congrats to Daniel for attending his first tournament.   And Shrihitha took 4th place! 


Last but not least, three of our four PF teams were in the top 4.    The fourth team miss the break by 1 speaker point.  We took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th while Lanier took 1st Place.   Congrats to all the teams – Michael/Vishal (6th )    Arnav (7th)/Ethan,    Natalie/Vivienne,   Nihilesh (7th)/Shriman (7th)


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