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The KSDA Difference


Proven Success

Every year, our program produces high school state qualifiers

Individualized Attention

Low student-teacher ratio
One-on-one attention helps students excel


Excellent Instructors

Trained state and national qualifiers


Winning Record

Consistently take top places at local and national tournaments


Effective Curriculum

Application based interactive lessons
Unique, on level skill building program

Team Excellence

Train and collaborate with top students.  Teamwork and collaboration lead to long-lasting friendships

We teach, inspire and empower...

We teach students to become confident speakers, critical thinkers, socially responsible and passionate about world issues.

Every year, students who graduate from our program qualify for state their freshman year.

Our elementary and middle program mirrors speech and debate offered in high school. Speech classes focus on the technical skills needed for impromptu, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, informative and other speech events. In debate classes, students learn to roleplay as Congressmen with proper Parliamentary procedures, argumentation tactics in Public Forum, and cross examination.


Having been a part of Katy Speech and Debate since its inception, I can say with confidence that this program goes above and beyond in providing kids with the best debate education possible. Teaching at KSDA is extremely targeted to each individual student, where every student receives the attention necessary to develop their debate skills at elevated rates. Ann Luu is undoubtedly a kind, patient and resourceful coach that drives the team to success even beyond the debate space.


 Unlike other teams, at the core of KSDA is a debate community that keeps coming back to support new debaters. Because at KSDA, one really doesn’t have traditional “teachers,” you have mentors who are successful debaters themselves, lending their expertise and experience to new debaters. Thus not only does Katy Speech and Debate take advantage of the success of local debaters as coaches, but that success and experience also flows directly back into the students, who are able to build successful debate careers of their own. Being a recipient of this team has undoubtedly brought me major success in debate, as I was the middle school state champion in extemporaneous speaking and the runner up champion in impromptu speaking during my time with Ann Luu and went on to become the president of the Hotchkiss Debate team and qualifying for the American Team at the World's Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship held in Durban, South Africa in Spring of 2023.

- Jason Z. (3 year student)

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