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Dear Parents, 


As many of you already know, our team won 3rd Place Sweepstakes at Kerr High School competing in the Novice division with only 13 students attending.  It was such an incredible effort of all 13 students who participated including first time competitors who made it to finals!  I am so proud of our kids and extremely moved to see the team comradery -   students taking care of each other and helping one another succeed.   It's rewarding to watch the kids develop both academically and socially. 


Our beginner students with such potential impressed many judges at Kerr!  Kudos to our 5th and 6th graders taking the challenge to compete against 9th and 10th graders! 

Thank you to all the parents for their support!  Special thanks to Natalie's mom, Grace, for assisting at the tournament and standing by to judge since we are required a judge at every high school tournament. 


Also, a big thank you to our coaches for going the extra mile to maximize learning time in every class.   We are proud to be the only team with 5-1 student/teacher ratio.  Our LD class has 3-2 student ratio and Congress group of 10-13 with 4 coaches.   We either split students or into two groups or hold 1 large group with the other coaches helping students during round.  


Because of such a low ratio in Speech class, we are able to have mock tournaments in every class for higher level students.  Our 1st year students are able to give 2-3 speeches and receive individualized instruction and attention. 


What a support group we have!!   THANK YOU ALL!

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