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Dear Parents,


Congratulations to all those who attended St. Thomas Tournament!  I believe 90% of our team attended the tournament and did amazing as usual.   Students continue to improve and gain confidence with each class and tournament experience.  It has been very regarding for our coaching team to see all the students  improve over the course of the semester. 


Tomorrow, we will have a graduation celebration for our coaches Hannah and Jae the LAST 15 minutes of the first class and the FIRST 15 minutes of the second class.   Cake, snack, and  drinks will be served to students 2:45-3:15PM.  The remainder of class will  be learning and presentations as usual. 

Coach Franz, Jae, Hannah, Audrey, Ethan, and I will be at the center 15 minutes early and 15 minutes (12:45-1:00 and 5:00-5:15PM) after the second class if you have any questions.    Please feel free to address us with any questions or suggestions you may have for the fall.


Summer camp dates with Coach Franz are finalized and flyers will be forwarded in the next email.     


Thank you,

Ann Luu



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